Infinite Bracelets

Infinite Bracelets are now available from Sinead Cleary Jewelry! Welded to your wrist, Infinite Bracelets are special in that there is no clasp! The ends of the chain are connected to form an endless strand that is fixed around your wrist and fitted to you. Giving a whole new meaning to jewelry that you never take off! But when the time comes when you need to remove your bracelet, you easily can.

Appointments are required for this service. All appointments are scheduled online and a deposit of $25 is taken to secure your spot.
Deposits are taken to secure your appointment time. Your deposit is applied to your total balance during your visit. Deposits are non-refundable & non-transferable. Deposits are forfeited if you do not show up for your appointment time. By booking this appointment, you are agreeing to these terms.
Allergy concerns: All of our bracelets are 14k gold filled or solid 14k gold. Sinead Cleary Jewelry is not responsible for any allergic reactions. By booking this appointment, you are acknowledging that Sinead Cleary Jewelry is not liable.


Infinite Bracelets are a delicate strand of chain and, like all jewelry, are not indestructible. During your appointment, we will help you find a fit that will help to reduce the risk of snagging and breakage; however, it is the responsibility of the wearer to treat their bracelet with care. Sinead Cleary Jewelry is not responsible for breaks or damages incurred through use and wear and will not be offering refunds in the event of damage.  By booking this appointment, you are agreeing to these terms. 
Repairs: If your bracelet breaks and you would like it repaired, we offer a repair service of $25. Please email us at for inquiries and to set up an appointment.If your piece from Sinead Cleary Jewelry breaks at the jumpring, we offer a lifetime complimentary reweld or option of adding a clasp at no charge.
All Sales are Final. 
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What is Infinite?
Infinite is our service where a bracelet is welded onto your wrist by our jeweler, eliminating the need for a clasp. 
Does it hurt?
Absolutely not! No heat is used during this welding process and it doesn't hurt a bit. 
How much does it cost?
It depends on the chain you select, prices for Gold Filled chain range from $40 to $75, 14k gold chain ranges from $85 to $195. 14k bangles are $178 & $298. Prices are subject to change.  
What metals are available?
Currently we offer different chain options in Gold Filled, 14k yellow,& white gold. 14k Rose gold is available upon request for a higher cost. Please inquire about pricing and availability via email at 
Do you offer Sterling Silver?
Not for this service. While we love sterling silver and use it for other pieces, a permanent sterling silver bracelet doesn’t wear the same as gold filled or 14k gold in everyday life, particularly in pools and hot tubs. We do, however, have other sterling silver bracelet options with clasps available in our online store to choose from!
Do you offer Permanent necklaces?
Unfortunately, no. For safety reasons, we do not offer permanent necklaces. 
How permanent is my welded Infinite Bracelet?
The chains selected for our bracelets are delicate enough that if you need to remove it, you can cut it with a pair of scissors. If you wish to get your bracelet re-welded at a later date, we can certainly do that for a small welding fee of $25. Please book an appointment for a re-weld.
Can I bring my own chain?
Unfortunately, no. We only offer this service with the chain we provide. 
Do I need an appointment?
Yes, Infinite bracelets are only available at Pop-Up events and require an appointment to reserve your spot. You can book an appointment here. Please book separate appointments for each person in your party. You can also book a Private Event!
How long does an appointment take?
Our sessions are scheduled in 15-minute increments, giving you plenty of time to consider your choices, measure your wrist and finish the weld. 
Is there an age requirement?
Yes. Please note at this time, we will not be welding bracelets on anyone under the age of 12, minors require a parent to be present at the time of the appointment 
What if I can't make my appointment?
 If you miss your appointment for any reason, a new appointment must be purchased to reserve a spot at a future event. The reservation fee is non-refundable & non-transferable.
Can I use a discount code for my bracelet?
We cannot apply discount codes to welding services. Please use our discount codes for other online or in-person purchases.